What You Need to Know About Your Teen

Understand Your Teen

How well do you know your teen?  It was easier when they were little, wasn’t it?  But now he’s a quiet teen who nods and grunts and shrugs.  She has many connections and a lot of other people to talk to besides you.  And there’s a whole new language to learn now!  Not to mention the slightly condescending, “Oh mom!” when you don’t get why the meme is funny or the obscure reference to a video game you’ve never even heard of.  Schedules are full and you and your teen aren’t home together nearly as much as you used to be.  You may find yourself looking up one day and thinking, “Who is this person and what did he do with my son?”  Continue reading. >>>

Blessings, Elizabeth

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  • That is awesome that you coauthored a book. Now a days children need even more guidance during their upbringing, and you seem to know what you are doing. When I have teens I’ll be looking at this resource for sure! Thank you!

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