Watch What You Say to Your Children

Watch What You Say

Mom advice #254:  Watch what you say to your children.  It may come back to bite you.

What I Said

Whenever we get in the car to go anywhere, the first thing I always do is count everybody to make sure we’re all there.  Then I start asking questions.

I go through the list of everything we are supposed to bring with us.

Do you have your books?

Everybody got their backpack?

How about coats?

Do you need your trumpet?

Is everybody wearing shoes?  (Yes, we have left the house with shoeless little ones before.)

When I can’t think of anything else we need to have or do, I often end my interrogation by asking a silly question in an effort to keep the mood light-hearted (beacause with 8 children departures are always stressful).

Is everybody wearing underwear?

How it Bit Me (Ouch!)

So this week at American Heritage Girls (AHG) Zana’s group was discussing our country and things like honoring our leaders, how voting works, and following the laws.

American Heritage Girls
If you want to learn more about AHG, please click here.

After discussing some interesting ideas the girls had about breaking laws, the leader asked the kindergarteners, “What are some laws that we need to follow?”


So the leader prompted them a little further.  “What is something we all need to wear when we are riding in a car?”

At that point, my sweet cherub shouts out, “Underwear!”

Yep.  Proud mommy moment.  She actually retained something I (inadvertently) taught her.  Turns out my kids really are listening to me, just not when I say the important boring stuff.

In the ears and out the mouth
Underwear. Don’t leave home without it.

Children have an uncanny propensity to recall and express all the things we wish they wouldn’t while simultaneously having to be reminded a million times to perform simple tasks such as brushing their teeth and flushing the toilet.

Why is this so?

God wired children that way on purpose to keep us parents humble.

I’m God’s Child

As a child of God, am I listening carefully to my Father?

Do I mix up The Message and emphasize the wrong part?

How often do I miss His point completely and focus on something other than what He was trying to tell me?

Just to recap:

  1. Only say things in your children’s hearing that you don’t mind them announcing to the world.
  2. Listen to God the way you wish your kids listened to you.
  3. Never leave home without your underwear. (and a sense of humor! You’re going to need it if you’re a mom.)

So what about you?

When have you heard your words tumble out of your children’s mouth and cringed?

How do you think you can listen to God better?

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Blessings, Elizabeth

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