5-minute friday

God of the Purple

Day 8: God of the Purple

I’m going to get a little creative here and approach today’s post from a whole different direction. My blogging buddies

I Said Yes

I Said Yes

I was scared.  I had so many doubts and questions. How can I do this?  What will people think?  What

Jesus Can Get You There

Why You Can’t Get There From Here

I’m joining Kate Moutang and friends for 5-Minute Friday today.  In the interest of full-disclosure, I must admit this post

You Don’t Have to Try

You Don’t Have to Try

I try to keep my act together.  I really do.  And I almost succeed every now and then . .

Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

Anyone you forgive, I also forgive. And what I have forgiven—if there was anything to forgive—I have forgiven in the

Life is a Gift


I’m joining Kate Moutaung and other #fmfparty gals for 5-Minute Friday again today.  But before we get to my post,



Today is Five-Minute Friday where I join Kate Moutaung and other fellow #fmfparty bloggers to blog about the word of



Sometimes the hardest thing of all is just to show up.  I’ve had more days than I care to count

Follow Jesus


I’m starting a new experiment today.  I’m joining Kate Motaung and a group of writers who write for 5 minutes