A Prayer for a New Day

A simple prayer to start a new day with a Godward perspective.

There’s no substitute for seeking God first thing in the morning. My day might not turn out any better just because I prayed, but I will be better able to respond whatever the day brings my way. It is good and right to dedicate each new day afresh to God. Will you join me in this prayer today?

A Prayer for a New Day

Lord, I thank you for a good night’s sleep, for the rest and refreshment you granted,
or else that the night is nearly over.

I thank you for pleasant dreams,
or else that they were only dreams and not my true reality.

I thank you that the sun has risen or will rise right on time according to how and when you have ordained it.

I thank you for a fresh start—the clean slate of a new day.

I thank you for your tender mercies which are new every morning.

I thank you for your great faithfulness, unending love, and constant presence.

I thank you that all my days are already written in your book.  Whatever I will face today, you have allowed and authorized.  Wherever I will go, you are already there.

I thank you for how you made me.  I am your masterpiece and you made me to fulfill a specific purpose.  You don’t make mistakes.  No part of me is a mistake.  I was loving crafted in the secret place by your almighty hand.  I am just right.  I am enough because you are all-sufficient.

Guide my path.
Order my steps.
Intervene in my plans.
Direct my course.
Interrupt me anytime.
My life is yours.
You created me.
You bought me.
You redeemed me.
You see me beautiful.

Equip and empower me this day to do all that you have appointed for me.  Fill me up and pour me out as you desire to accomplish your purposes in and through me.

When I stumble, falter or fail may I always reach for your hand to steady me and trust you to catch me when I fall.

When your plans and purposes are accomplished, and your blessings and grace are evident in my life, may I always remember to thank you and give you praise.

May I bring glory and honor to your name this day.

I give my all, my best, my utmost to you.

Do as you will in my life.

Let it be so.


In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.
~ Psalm 5:3

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It’s hard to seek God first thing in the morning if we aren’t in the habit of doing so. What is your greatest obstacle to starting each new day in prayer?

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