God Hears Us

Faith, Prayer, Teach us to Pray in 31 Days / Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Sometimes I cry out to God and all I hear in response is the echo of my own voice. I’m tempted to think He’s not listening, doesn’t care, or has better things to do with His time than listen to me whine. But His word assures us that He is alwaysΒ present and listening. God hears us.

He always responds. Perhaps not in the timing or way we would like, but He always responds in love in the way that is best for us. His ways and purposes are beyond our understanding, but His love is always within us and around us, snuggled against us in relentless compassion.

Elizabeth is a military spouse, veteran, and mother of eight. Above and beyond caring for her family, her mission is to offer words that sustain weary moms and to empower and equip them to live and parent with purpose.

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