God is Good and God is Great

Praise God because He is good and because He is great. Understand why He must be both.

It is a joy and privilege to praise God. He has revealed so many wonderful aspects of His character in His word. He is the Great and Almighty Creator of the universe, full of power and majesty beyond comprehension. And yet, He is also the tender lover of my soul and gentle Savior who redeemed me with His own life.

It is important that we recognize both aspects of His nature.  A great and mighty god who was not holy would be a terrifying tyrant. A kind and loving god who was not all powerful would be impotent to accomplish the good he desired for us. Neither of these “gods” would be worthy of our worship. Like the mythological gods of old, they are too much like us (selfish and weak) to be elevated above us.

But our God is both great and good; powerful and righteous. He alone is worthy of our praise.

As I have dug deep into the Lord’s Prayer over the past year, I am amazed at how rich the first four words have become to me. “Our Father in Heaven, …” For too long, I’ve prayed these four words like a salutation, about as spiritual and passionate as beginning a prayer with, “Dear Sir”.  But there is SO much more!

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I hope you’ve already downloaded and printed your prayer guide because now I’m going to add to it. I have created some new pages for you to add that will help you begin to comprehend the richness of the meaning behind “Our Father in Heaven”.

Our Father ~ God is Good

“Our Father” addresses who God is in relation to us. It indicates the strong ties of family and a tender and adoring love. Calling God Father points to His goodness toward us and His nearness to us.

Your prayer guide has a few short sentences about the goodness and nearness of God. Here are two more pages of notes and scriptures you can use to praise God for how He loves you.

God, You Are Good

Who You Are in Relation to Me

In Heaven ~ God is Great

“In Heaven” goes beyond a loving Father and reveals that our “Daddy” is the King of all that is, was, and ever will be. He created the universe and rules over it with authority and power.

Now we praise Him for His greatness. I have another whole list of names and scriptures that I use to praise His power and sovereignty.

God, You Are Great

So four little words have now been expanded to 5 pages for you. (And this is by no means an exhaustive list!) But don’t let that scare you off! I’ve divided them all up by days of the week so you can focus on a small chunk of scriptures and soak in a different portion of God’s Word each day.

Please use these notes in your prayer time this week and let me know how it changed your perspective. What other names and attributes of God have you been able to add to the list?

The Greatness and Goodness of God. Why He has to be both and how that impacts our praise.

Click here to see all the topics covered in this series.

Download your own prayer guide here.

But wait, there’s more! See all the free printables to add to your prayer guide here.

What have you learned about the goodness and greatness of God?
How will that help you praise Him?


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  • Yummy resources here, Elizabeth! Your printables are beautiful! Thanks for making these for us.

    • Dianne, your so welcome! I’m glad you are enjoying them. I’m finding it much easier to stay focused during prayer time when I have a pretty guide to follow. Thanks for joining us today!

  • I can’t praise Him unless I do it from a grateful heart for His goodness and everlasting mercy and love kindness to me. I might voice a praise but if it only comes out my mouth because I want to sound spiritual then it’s not praise. Thankful for the hard times that has taught me how deep His love is for me. Glad I stopped by, thoughtful post.

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