Life is a Gift

I’m joining Kate Moutaung and other #fmfparty gals for 5-Minute Friday again today.  But before we get to my post, I have a confession to make.   Setting the timer to write for five minutes stresses me out so much I can’t think.  I wrote about three sentences in five minutes.

So I turned off the timer and spent a little longer than five minutes writing this post.  But I did try to stick to the idea of not going back and editing and polishing.  That’s really hard for me since I’m a recovering perfectionist, but I’m doing this exercise because it’s good for me, not because it’s easy for me.


Life is a gift.  But sometimes I forget that.  Sometimes I act like life is a chore.

Each day is a gift.  Some days it’s easy to call the day a gift—when the sun is shining, and life comes together, and my mood sings.

But even the days that don’t feel like gifts are gifts too.  There are days I get caught up in all that must be done, and cleaned, and I forget to pause and acknowledge what a gift our very existence is.  There are so many gifts that I take for granted.

I hear noise instead of lively children.

I see a dirty kitchen rather than satisfied tummys.

I feel buried in laundry rather than grateful for warm clothes.

I allow myself to be rushed and pushed by my To-Do list rather than bask in the presence of the One who has already done all the really important things for me.

I forget that each breath I take is a gift.

But those are just the ordinary days.  There are also those days that are so painful it feels more like a curse than a gift.  But they are gifts too.

We must be careful not to throw out the gift our Father has given us because we don’t like the way He wrapped it.  Sometimes it takes a long time for us to realize the value of the gifts He gives.  Sometimes they have to hurt before they can help.

I want to be grateful for all the gifts He gives.  Then I will be able to look past the gifts and into the face of the Giver.  For ultimately, it is not the gifts I seek or need, but it is the presence of the Giver Himself which satisfies my soul.

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