Free printables from Blessed Beyond the Mess for you to use and share!

Here are free printables for you to use and share. I am currently designing several others so check back often for updates.
If you have suggestions for a printable you would like, please contact me and let me know!


FREE printable God Has Promised Me

God Has Promised Me


These additional pages are for you to add to your prayer guide. They are color-coded to match the various sections in the guide. I am updating this page regularly. Please check back often.

You can download your free prayer guide here.

Prayer Journal Notebook Cover

Print this page on cardstock and slip it into the clear cover a 3-ring binder to organize all the pages of your prayer guide.

Gathering Gratitude

Print as many copies as you need to record the multitude of ways God blesses you and loves you. File it in your prayer guide right behind the Gratitude page.

Listening Log

Print as many copies as you need to record what you sense God telling you during your quiet time. What He has to say is important. You don’t want to forget! Write it down. File it right behind the Listening page.

God, You are Good & God, You are Near

File these pages after “Our Father” for further praise inspiration. Meditate on who God is in relation to you all the evidence of His goodness around you.

God, You are Great

This page goes after “In Heaven”. Use these additional qualities of God to consider His greatness and who He is in relation to the Universe.

Names of God

Praise His holy name with the various names He has given us throughout Scripture. No one name can encompass His infinite nature. God far surpasses the sum total of all the names we have to call Him. Dwell on these Scriptures that reveal how He expresses Himself to us and bless His Holy Name.

Holy is Your Name  A printable summary of the 5 Names of God post to put in your Prayer Journal

Lord, I Bless Your Holy Name  A list of several other names of God and their meanings, plus names for the Holy Spirit

The Powerful Name of Jesus  A page of names for Jesus

Scripture references follow each name. These pages will give you lots of ammunition for a powerful praise time!

Daily Kingdom Focus

This page corresponds to the 7 areas of God’s Kingdom listed on the “Your Kingdom Come” page. It includes additional scriptures and prayer prompts so you can go deeper into each section.

Prayer Request Journal

A place to record your prayer requests and God’s answers as you intercede for others. Put this in your Prayer Journal Notebook just after the “On earth as it is in Heaven” section.

For These People I Pray

A page to write down names of family and friends you want to pray for regularly.  You may also want to select a relevant verse or two to pray over each one.

Influential People

Pray for the people who influence others. They have the power to persuade and to lead people toward or away from God.

More People to Pray For

In addition to praying for the people who are nearest and dearest to you, also consider this list of strangers that desperately need you to lift them to the Lord. Different groups of people in need are listed for each day of the week.

My Daily Bread

A place to list verses and specific petitions for the 7 petitions listed in the prayer guide.

My Petitions

A place to list your specific needs in light of God’s will for you. There is also space to record His provision. This page follows the “Daily Bread” page.

Search Me Questions

Questions to encourage you to allow God to uncover areas of sin or disobedience in your life. Put this page and the next one after “Forgive us our Debts”.

Create in Me a Clean Heart

Further Prayer for Cleansing based on David’s Psalm 51.

More Verses About Forgiveness

Forgiveness is hard work. Here are additional scriptures to encourage you to keep fighting for your freedom from bitterness. File it after “As We Forgive our Debtors”.

Verses for Spiritual Battle

The Bible has a lot to say about the spiritual battle we fight every day whether we acknowledge it or not. Pull strength from the words of God and His assurance that He is with you and fights for you.

Praise God with Scripture

Additional verses about God’s kingdom, His power, His glory, and forever. File each page behind the corresponding section. Reference these verses to expand your praise.

While You Wait

More verses about waiting for God to encourage, strengthen, and inspire you.