First Things First

First Things First

One of my focus actions  for this year is to prioritize.  I have so many wonderful things I want to do and a ton of things I need to do to keep our family of 10 running smoothly.  As much as I wish I was Supermom, the truth is, I’m not.  I just can’t do it all.

This week, as part of my commitment to prioritize, I chose three things I want to do firstbefore I do anything else on my to-do list.  (which currently is two full pages, by the way!)

I tend to get online to do a specific task and wind up wandering all over cyberspace chasing various links like a dog surrounded by squirrels.

The next thing I know, my phone alarm sounds to remind me to do the next thing and I’m wondering where the last two hours of my life just went.

Here are my “Firsts”—my TOP3

  • Read my Bible
  • Exercise my body
  • Write something (my book, a blog post, or anything just because I want to)

It’s easy for me to spend hours working on the technical side of blogging and book writing without ever actually . . . well, writing.  I want to make my limited writing time count by investing more time in getting thoughts out of my head and into a shareable form and less time formatting and experimenting with plugins and widgets.  (You get to learn so many cool words when you start blogging!)

I’m going to commit to doing these BEFORE I get online to check email, engage in the world of social media, Google the latest topic I’m interested in, or purchase something I’ve convinced myself I need.

I like to make things easy to remember because my mommy brain is all worn out and tired.  So here’s the short version:

Top3 Tasks

What are your TOP3 tasks you want to do every day before you work on other things?

Blessings, Elizabeth

P. S. – While I was creating the graphic for a post about staying on target, I accidently chased a squirrel and found some cool new fonts to download.  Can’t wait to try them out!  😉   So glad for grace!

ConvertKit Form


  • I’ve been struggling with just getting everyone organized with a schedule. I finally bought alarm clocks for both the boy’s and girl’s rooms. I gave the older four a white board with a schedule of what to do at each time. And I gave them timers as well. I wasn’t sure how well it would work but it’s actually finally getting everyone to make sense of taking more responsibility for themselves and we get more things done. Plus, the older two are taking some of their classes online. So they don’t have an overlap of using the computer, it finally leaves less issues. I like your three things that you are doing first. Those are all great things to do. Thanks for sharing them.

  • Prioritizing has always been hard for me. As a full-time working mom who homeschools one of her kids full-time (crazy, right?), I must prioritize. For me, getting up to read my Bible and journal, drink water and check my email are all things I want to make firsts in my life.

  • Prioritizing is so important to do. I need to try and prioritize better too. Visiting from FMF where I’m in the #6 spot.

  • Love, love, love this! You are absolutely right about those rabbit trails we find ourselves on when we’re supposed to be doing a million other things. So far this year I’ve been pretty faithful with the Bible and writing priorities I’ve set, but I’ve been downright lousy at the workout thing. I can come up with TONS of reasons why I can’t possibly fit in time to do it. Thanks for this post today. I truly enjoyed it.

    • Oh, I know! I can totally come up with 100 excuses why I can’t do the things I don’t like doing. Yet I waste time on things I don’t really consider all that important. Silly humans! 🙂

  • findingautumn77

    I loved this. Until today, I hadn’t blogged in nearly two years – I blame it on lack of time, but somehow I always manage to find time to scroll through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram… and I don’t remember the last time I picked up my Bible. You’re right, it’s so important to prioritise. Time is precious! Stopping by from FMF

  • Too funny! I hear ya on this. We get going on the internet and the clock ticks away as my eyes scroll and click from site to site! It takes great discipline to do focus and get things done! Proud of you for taking those first steps! (Stopping by from FMF #47) Happy Friday to you!

    • The internet is both a great tool and a tremendous time sucker. It saves time in some areas but wastes it in others. Yep, focus is what we need to navigate it successfully.

  • Good for you for setting goals to stay on target! I need to get better about the prioritizing, though it’s something I’m working on. For me, my top 3 are reading my Bible, doing at least 1 cleanup task (so they don’t build up), and reading at least 50 pages of a book.

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