Cupcake Thief

Messy Monday Cupcakes

The afternoon after Crash’s birthday, I walked into the kitchen to discover the remaining cupcakes (which I had put away the night before) sitting out in a very disheveled state.  The box was open and every cupcake was turned over.  There was more icing smeared on the packaging than was left on the cupcakes.  I instantly knew who to suspect.

I went upstairs to Crash’s room where he was supposedly napping and asked him about the cupcakes.  He fessed up pretty readily that he had gotten into them.  It was then that I noticed the tiny hints of blue icing at the corner’s of his mouth.  When pressed further, he admitted to eating some of the cupcakes, although he said he just ate “some”, not a whole cupcake.  I asked what he had done with the rest of it.

“Ok, fine.  I’ll show you,” he replied as he slid out of bed.  He knelt down by the nightstand and pointed underneath.  I peered under the small table and found not one, but three, bald cupcakes.  The swirly poof of icing had been licked clean off each one, but the cake didn’t even have so much as a nibble out of it.

Sadly, as you can imagine, the result of his birthday gluttony was a sick tummy later.  Even our bodies try to tell us not to go overboard with the sugar, but alas, we do not usually listen very well—especially not in December.  Let this be a gentle warning to us all.  Not everything that looks and smells wonderful will lead us to wonderful places.  May we always be careful to choose wisely.  😉

Blessings, Elizabeth

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