Choose Faith Not Fear

Faith is the opposite of fear.  Feed your faith!

I struggle from time to time with anxiety which is one particular species of fear.  I can easily become overwhelmed by fear—some warranted and some imagined.  My heart races.  My palms sweat.  And I get the urge to run away.

I fear for my children’s safety.  I fear my own inadequacy.  I fear I will do or say something stupid or hurtful.  I fear what others will think of me.  I fear I won’t have what it takes to do what God calls me to do.

I forget God’s provision, protection, and equipping.  I focus instead on my own limited resources and understanding.  And anxiety wells up within me.

You might think courage is the opposite of fear, but it’s not.  True courage only exists in the presence of fear, not in the absence of it.

[tweetthis]True courage only exists in the presence of fear, not in the absence of it.[/tweetthis]

Faith is the opposite of fear.  Faith and fear cannot exist at the same time in the same mind.  Which one you nourish will determine which grows stronger.  And the stronger one will win.

Faith is the opposite of fear.  Faith and fear cannot exist at the same time in the same mind.  Which one you nourish will determine which grows stronger.  And the stronger one will win.

What I’m trying to teach myself to remember when fear grips its icy fingers around my heart and my mind is that God is still on His throne.  He has not abandoned me, even when I am unaware of His presence.

[tweetthis]God is still on His throne. He has not abandoned me, even when I am unaware of His presence.[/tweetthis]

For too long, I have practiced feeding my fears—allowing my thoughts free reign to wander all over the land of the “what ifs” and imagined dangers.  It has become my habit, as natural to me as breathing.  I want to replace that habit with a new way of thinking.

I need to continually feed my faith.  I need to feed it God’s Word—His promises of love to me.  I need to feed it time alone with Him, soaking up His grace.  I need to feed it worship music that gives me the words I can’t quite express for myself.  I need to feed it transparent fellowship with others who share this journey.

But that doesn’t happen automatically.  It’s a deliberate choice, not an accident.  I commit to choosing faith not fear.  What about you?

[tweetthis]I commit to choosing faith not fear.[/tweetthis]

Faith is the opposite of fear. Feed your faith!

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  • Fear can rob you of the life God intended for you thus end up with a miserable life. We need to plug in and feed our faith on a daily basis, His truth about you and I is all that matters. And yes it has to be a deliberate choice! Thanks for great post.

  • Thank you for this! I really needed it today. Thank you for the reminder that even when I can’t feel His presence, God is still with me.

    • Barbie, I’m so glad you visited here and left encouraged. I really need this reminder too! Everything I write is mainly preaching to myself and hoping others who struggle with similar issues will be blessed as well.
      Thank you! Elizabeth

  • unspeakablejoymccoy

    I remember a couple of years ago there was a thing on Facebook where everyone was supposed to share a favorite verse. One thing I had noticed was how many women posted Phillipians 4:6-8 about anxiety. I also heard on the radio recently that the most common number one fear of women is something happening to one of their children. I think so many of us live in this anxious bubble always preparing ourselves for the worst.

    I know for me, I often think my anxiety has a root cause, which is my inability to wait. I wait for things to get better or easier. I wait for this to happen or that to come up. I love that quote that says, “Waiting time isn’t wasted time.” So I have to remind myself not to worry so much. I can’t fear the things that happen with food allergies, being in a new place, etc.

    I love what you said when you said, “True courage only exists in the presence of fear, not in the absence of it.” Beautiful words of wisdom!

    Big Hugs,

    • Carrie, you are so right. I think a lot of women today wrestle with anxiety. Waiting is part of it for me too, and also control. When I feel like life is too crazy for me to “control”, I tend to freak out. The lie is the illusion that I ever really had any control over life to begin with. I must learn to rest in the sovereignty of God.
      Blessings, Elizabeth

      • Thank you Elizabeth for these words in reply to Carrie’s response. I often believe the lie too. I don’t have control over life, God does. Now I need to remind myself of this constantly. I am sick of anxiety and fear. God bless, Joy

        • Joy, I hear you. I am sick of anxiety and fear also. I have discovered that we humans only change how we live when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. I have finally reached that point and I am ready to allow God to change me. There are a lot of lies that I have believed for too long. I’m done being held captive by them. I want God’s truth to set me free. I pray you find true freedom also.

  • Oh, Elizabeth, you and I have some of the same fears. Poor you! 😉

    I loved what you said here: “True courage only exists in the presence of fear, not in the absence of it.” This is so true. And your suggestions for strengthening our faith in the midst of fearful situations? Spot on.

    Loved your post!

  • Thank you for this post, Elizabeth. I can definitely relate. I struggled with daily anxiety attacks in high school where I would actually get sick because of the anxiety that built up inside of me. I still have flashbacks to that terrible period of my life but God has definitely used it for good and pulled me out of the pit. He reminds me daily that I have a choice to choose fear or run to Him instead to rest in His truth. I choose faith!

    • Lauren, thank you for sharing. I’m so glad God has brought you through your anxiety to the other side. I too get so anxious I’m sick and can’t eat. I like how you pointed out that we must rest in His truth. It’s the enemies lies and the crazy stuff I make up that get my mind spinning! If I could just stick to God’s Truth alone, I’d do much better! Be blessed.

  • tammysincerity

    I love how you express faith as a commitment. Just as in marriage vows, we are committing to each other, we should be committing to faith. That we will consistently choose to believe in our God’s ability to conquer the fear. That He is taking us through it (but not alone) and that we will be better able to glorify His name on the other side! 🙂
    Not by might, nor even power, but by His Spirit.
    Thank you for the visit!!
    Tammy (tammysincerity)

  • boy it’s hard to not be fearful when it comes to our kids and or in my case grand children.
    So much is out there that can hurt them, and my son is a police officer so that in itself brings fear for me.
    I must trust. Realize there is nothing i can control, and trust more.

  • Thank you for your honesty about grappling with fear. I never really thought about your comment that courage isn’t the opposite of fear but is present because of fear. Thank God He enables our faith! He wants us to have faith to overcome fear and then He gives us the faith to do it, isn’t that wonderful?
    Found you on FMF today, thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  • Choosing Faith is always the only way to overcome the fears that threaten to overwhelm us. Lovely reminder…Dropping in from FMF…

  • I really relate to your post here today, Elizabeth. And you’ve given us some very practical reminders of how to move through these anxious thoughts towards God. Thank you.

    • Ruth, I’m glad you were blessed when you stopped by today. Staying out of the mire of anxiety can be a constant battle for me. If what I learn from my struggles can be a benefit to someone else, then it gives purpose to my pain. I hope you have a beautiful and faith-filled day!

  • So glad I visited from Five Minute Friday, Elizabeth! This is a good word today: we need to feed our faith, not our fears. I never think about how just allowing my throughts free reign is feeding fear. We need to feed our faith with God’s word.

    • Betsy, thanks for stopping by today. I’m constantly having to catch myself feeding my fear and remember I can choose to do otherwise. I know I’m not alone! Have a blessed day.

  • Oh, and I’m here from FMF. #6. Sorry.

  • Very good point, that there’s no courage in the absence of fear. I’ve been thinking a lot about the questions of fear, courage, and all that.

    I certainly have things to fear – the illness that they say will kill me hurts me a bit worse every week, if not every day, and I wonder what, in terms of pain and nausea, I can still take.

    And what does “not being able to take it” mean?

    But I know I’m here, in this place. for a reason. So I don’t really have to worry about it; as long as there are duties to be carried out, I’ll be given the strength to manage them. Perhaps not comfortably, and not easily, but the ability will be there, and that’s what counts.

    • Andrew, I’m sorry to hear about your sickness. I will pray you feel God’s constant presence and peace in your life. I love the bravery and determination you demonstrate. God WILL give you the strength, it’s true. You are also right that it won’t always be easy or comfortable. We are always stronger than we think.

  • Thanks for this post and its honesty. Anxiety is real. But I like what you say, especially about refusing to feed the fear, and that fear is a choice. I have a little post-it note with a quote I heard once: “Faith is the refusal to panic” which helps me remember that I can choose. Except when it’s too hard, and we just can’t help but fear. Which is when we need to cling to the fact that God is on the throne, and feeding on him and basking in his perfect love is the surest way to drive out fear. Great thoughts! Stopping by from FMF ~Katy

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