Walking on Water: When God Calls You Out of Your Boat

How to Overcome Your Fear and Step Out in Faith

Have you ever sensed God calling you out of your comfy boat to walk the waves beyond? Did you do it? Did you try and then sink like Peter? Or is fear holding you back from even stepping out? What’s keeping you from walking on water? Maybe you still haven’t figured out how to get your boat out of the harbor. I have days like that. I’m right there with you!

Have you sensed God calling you out of your boat? What's keeping you from walking on water? Overcome your fear and step out in faith today!

New Year Simplicity

The first month of a new year is almost history. How are your New Year’s Resolutions working out for you? Yeah, mine too. I always tend to overcomplicate things with lists and goals and checklists. I’m already longing for simplicity in the new year. Fortunately, I had the privilege of hearing my amazing sister and best girlfriend, Rev. Christina Hildebrand, preach on January first. I love what she shared and I wanted to share it with you. (She said I could!) If you’re weary from working on your resolutions, rest in the embrace of God’s grace instead.

New Year Simplicity, from Resolution to Rest

New Year Simplicity

The New Year is upon us! It is the biggest – “I’m starting my diet today” day of the year.

Treadmills are on sale at sporting goods stores. There are coupons for low-fat yogurt, brown rice, quinoa, and chia seeds, and I have officially received my postcard in the mail inviting me to join WeightWatchers for a special January discount price.

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Working Out

Exercise Consistently Even if You're Too Busy

Finding time to exercise is one of the greatest fitness challenges we busy mommies face.  As I tell my children whenever they’ve lost something and expect me to magically produce it for them, “It won’t find you.  You have to go find it.”  The same thing applies to working out.  The time to make it happen won’t find you.  You have to be deliberate about hunting it down.

Do you want to workout more consistently, but can't find the time? Here are some great ideas to get you started.

If You Can’t Find the Time, Make It!

Making the time for something important you want to do means you have set aside something else you want to do that you have decided is less important.  We’re all given the same 24 hours a day.  No one gets any more or any less.  It’s what we choose to do with those hours that matters.  If we aren’t intentional about assigning our time to work on our priorities, then it will mysteriously evaporate in cyberspace or in front of the TV.

The best way to get in shape is not to get too far out of shape in the first place.  Yeah, well.  I personally didn’t do so well at that and I found my perfect excuse in multiple pregnancies.  I wish I had stayed more active during pregnancy and, at least, made some effort at fitness once the baby was born.  Of course, that’s much easier said than done.  Morning sickness, bed rest, C-sections, and sleepless nights all compound the problem and conspire against us to keep us from fighting for our fitness.

Workout Options for Busy Moms

The way I see it, a busy mom has 3 options:

First Things First

Prioritize Your Day

One of my focus actions  for this year is to prioritize.  I have so many wonderful things I want to do and a ton of things I need to do to keep our family of 10 running smoothly.  As much as I wish I was Supermom, the truth is, I’m not.  I just can’t do it all.

This week, as part of my commitment to prioritize, I chose three things I want to do firstbefore I do anything else on my to-do list.  (which currently is two full pages, by the way!)

I tend to get online to do a specific task and wind up wandering all over cyberspace chasing various links like a dog surrounded by squirrels.

The next thing I know, my phone alarm sounds to remind me to do the next thing and I’m wondering where the last two hours of my life just went.

Bring Focus to the New Year

An Alternative to Only One Word or Too Many Resolutions

It’s the first week of a new year.  Like many of you, I’ve been busy setting goals and carefully choosing my “one word” .  But I also did something I didn’t plan to do.  It’s really helped me set the tone for the upcoming year and sharpen my focus on life.  I want to share it with you.

Bring Focus to the New Year


I was praying quietly to myself during our church’s prayer service for the New Year.  I started writing because I always pray better when I write.  Prayer is simply communicating with God and as my favorite T-shirt says, “I write better than I talk.”

Within a few minutes, I had written down eight actions I feel that God wants me to focus on this year.  When nothing else came to mind, I went back over the list and expounded on each area.

This is what I wrote as I prayed.