Children & Teens

Understand Your Teen

What You Need to Know About Your Teen

How well do you know your teen?  It was easier when they were little, wasn’t it?  But now he’s a

When Your Boy Becomes a Man

When Your Boy Becomes a Man

I was so terrified as the nurses prepared me to leave the hospital. Don’t they know they are making a

Boundaries and Freedom

How to Help your Teen Become a Responsible Adult

We all want our teens to become responsible adults someday, but how do we do it?  And what is our

What Your Teen Needs From You

What Your Teen Really Needs From You

10 Things Your Teen Needs From You As our children grow older and enter the teen years, it is tempting

Watch What You Say

Watch What You Say to Your Children

Mom advice #254:  Watch what you say to your children.  It may come back to bite you. What I Said

Not Too Small to Make a Difference

Not Too Small To Make a Difference

Every year in November, I take my children to Walmart for a huge shopping spree.  I have them pick out

Yes!  They’re all mine

Are They ALL Yours?

Having a larger-than-average sized family generates a lot of questions from curious onlookers.  Because I’ve been fielding the same handful

Legos and Life

Stay in Heaven

I’m sitting at my desk focused on the work I’m trying to finish.  My 3-year old son climbs into my

Bucket Boy

Messy Monday

Welcome to Messy Monday!  On Mondays, I’m going to start posting a picture or story about a recent mess in


This Beautiful Mess: Pursuing Joy in the Chaos of Life

Let’s be honest.  Life is messy.  It’s not the clean, organized, carefree, happy place I desperately wish it was.  On