Today is Five-Minute Friday where I join Kate Moutaung and other fellow #fmfparty bloggers to blog about the word of the day.  We only get 5 minutes to write and we can’t go back and edit.  Then we link our posts together and share with one another.  Come join us!  The word for today is “Blue”.

Blue?  That’s a tough one!  I thought of several blue things that have meaning to me—our nation’s flag, my mother’s kitchen, the Air Force.  When I started thinking about things like Blue’s Clues, I almost just sat this one out because it seemed too hard.  But I know from working out that the toughest exercises sometimes produce the best results later, so I decided to push myself a little harder.  Here it goes!


Blue is the color of sky and sea.  Wide open spaces that call to mind freedom.  A bright blue sky can do wonders to lift my spirit and lighten my mood.  Paradoxically though, we say we have the “blues” when we are feeling sad or depressed.  I should like to change that expression to having the “greys” for it’s the grey gloomy days that contribute to any negative attitudes I may be having.

Moving with the military for over 20 years has caused me to live in many places. This is the first time I have lived near the ocean.  In fact, we are on an island surround by ocean.  We must cross big bridges to get anywhere.  The daily crossings give ample opportunity to observe the sea and note the changes from day to day.  The sea is a giant mirror of the sky.  It only looks blue when the heavens look blue.

I hope to be like the sea in that I reflect the beauty of Heaven here on earth.


What thoughts, feelings, or memories does “blue” evoke in you?

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  • I hope to be like the sea and reflect heaven on earth. Yes.

  • Elizabeth, such beautiful thoughts. I too settled on the ideas of sky and water for my “blue” ramblings, but in the end only wrote about the sky. Five minutes is pretty short, huh? 🙂 Blessings to you from your FMF friend, Tasha

  • We moved to a new area almost two years ago, and it took time to get settled. We’re not close to an ocean, but we’ve grown to love our area. A pray that’s the same for you too. Thanks for visiting from #FMF!

    • Samantha,
      We have loved every placed we’ve lived. We’ve only been here 10 months, but it’s time to move again! I feel like I’m just getting the hang of this place and now I have to start over again. Such is the life of a military family. Hope you have a blessed day!

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