8 Things My Fitbit Taught Me

Fitness, Humor / Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Here’s what I have learned so far from using my new Fitbit and the associated app on my phone.

  1. Laziness works to my advantage.  I don’t eat as many calories because I don’t want to have to stop what I’m doing to log them.  (If I can eat it in one bite, sometimes I don’t bother to count it.)  [tweetthis twitter_handles=”#fitbit”]My own laziness works to my advantage with my Fitbit.[/tweetthis]
  2. On the days I do cardio for my exercise, I get my 10,000 steps easy and then some.  On the days I do weight training or yoga, I don’t reach 10,000 steps.  Shopping counts as cardio according to my Fitbit.  That’s why we call it “running” errands.  You want to burn more calories?  Shop more.  You can rack up thousands of steps in Walmart alone—especially if you have trouble finding what you came to buy.  [tweetthis hidden_hashtags=”#fitbit”]Shopping counts as cardio. Fitbit says so.[/tweetthis]
  3. I eat a just smidge more calories than I burn almost every single day.  I wonder how long I have to burn off those extra calories.  Do you think they all turn to fat as soon as I fall asleep or do I get a couple of grace days to try and burn them off?  I guess it really doesn’t matter if I consume too many calories the next day also (which I do).
  4. I tend to underestimate how many calories are in food and overestimate how many calories a workout burns.  My moderate 30-minute interval workout this morning burned a measly 150 calories.  A tiny protein bar that is gone in 5 seconds packs 180 calories.  And that grilled cheese sandwich I had for lunch?  Almost 500!  Are you kidding me?  SO.  NOT.  FAIR.
  5. I can eat four slices of pizza (which is ½ a pizza!) for lunch as long as I don’t eat anything else for the rest of the day except a protein shake for breakfast and dinner.
  6. I can be right on track with my calories in and calories out after dinner, but the walking I do between dinner and bedtime ups the calories out and I get a warning that I haven’t eaten enough.  I have to go eat a snack before I go to bed.  My Fitbit says so.
  7. When it’s getting late and I’m nowhere near my step goal, I can jog in place while I help my children with their homework.  Multitasking works best when the two tasks are completely unrelated.  Then they don’t interfere with each other.  My children think I’m strange, but even if I didn’t jog I’m not sure that would change their opinion.
  8. It takes me 18 days to walk as far as the Emperor Penguin marches to its breeding ground each year.  Despite spending an inordinate amount of time surfing the internet researching, I was unable to find out how long it takes the penguin to make this trek.  If you know, please tell me.  I simply must know if I am faster than a penguin.  (I better be!  I’ve got knees for crying out loud!) You can see how many steps your Fitbit friends are taking, but alas, there are no penguins available for me to friend in Fitbit Land.

Penguin March Badge
Penguin March Badge


Am I at least as fast as a penguin?
Am I at least as fast as a penguin?(Photo credit: public domain)

Now I just wish there was a way to connect this contraption to my bank account and credit card.  It could measure money deposited versus money spent and help me stay on budget.  Because, if you haven’t already figured it out, overspending and overeating are really the same problem at the root.  You have to spend less than you earn and eat less than you burn.  Same principle.

The only problem with this would be when I am short on steps and money at the same time.  Do I shop or not?  Get more steps or save money?  I guess window shopping would be my best option.

[tweetthis hidden_hashtags=”#fitbit”]You have to spend less than you earn and eat less than you burn. [/tweetthis]

Blessings, Elizabeth

P.S.  Here’s a hint if you need a little “boost” to make your goal:  The Fitbit isn’t good at distinguishing between actual steps and potholes.  You can score a lot of steps if you drive over a bumpy country road!  Who knew driving burned so many calories?  Cool beans!

P.P.S.  In case you care and can’t tell, this is NOT a sponsored post.  I have no affiliation whatsoever with Fitbit.  I am just a customer trying to burn a few calories and get 8 hours of sleep.  (Yeah.  right.  I know.  Only people without children get 8 hours of sleep.  But Fitbit apparently doesn’t know that.)

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Elizabeth is a military spouse, veteran, and mother of eight. Above and beyond caring for her family, her mission is to offer words that sustain weary moms and to empower and equip them to live and parent with purpose.

16 thoughts on “8 Things My Fitbit Taught Me

  1. This made me laugh! My people gave me one for Christmas and I’m just learning all the ins and outs of it!! The thing just told me to feed it 182 steps!! I thought it was telling me it was lunch time and I thought how did it know?!? Thanks for the tips! lol!

  2. Hello Elizabeth! awesome blog… It’s really a very good idea to use fitbit to maintain our health. It motivates us and keeps on reminding us about our goal. Thanks for the amazing blog.

  3. This is awesome!
    Fitbit also doesn’t track your steps if your the mother or a toddler and infant so you’re constantly carrying someone or pushing some thing. Which means you have to wear your Fitbit on your ankle and hope no one thinks it’s a house arrest anklet. 🙂
    And the sleep tracking is the worst! So depressing to see how much sleep I DIDN’T get.
    Still, I love my Fitbit.

  4. Elizabeth, This is great! I loved your tongue-in-cheek humor. I actually got a fitbit about 18 monhts ago, but when it didn’t log all the steps I did on my treadmill, I took it back and got a refund. LOL. I am going to search your blog to see if I can find photos of your kids – other than their feet. LOL. Blessings, Amy

    1. Hey, you’ve gotta do what works for you! I have pics of my kids all over the blog. If you want to see us all together, click on “Meet the Troops”. I plan to add more pictures of the kids with short bios, but for now you can at least see their faces and callsigns (aka nicknames). Have a good one!

  5. I love this! I just put my fitbit in my pocket this morning. I’ve been neglecting it lately. You reminded me of all the great reasons it needs to become my friend again. 🙂

  6. I loved it, Elizabeth. You write well. I especially liked the part about having yo eat a snack at night and window shopping. I may have an “overspending” problem! Mary Arnholt

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