3 Reasons Why You Should Use Scripture to Pray


I love using God’s Word for my prayer time. I often can’t think of adequate words to express myself to God. Fortunately, He’s totally cool with us using His swipe file of prayers from the Bible. Here are three reasons why using Scripture to pray is a good idea.

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  1. To gain a deeper understanding. God often explains Himself elsewhere in His Word. Scripture is the best way to explain Scripture. God’s Word is complete and consistent. There are places in the Bible where God actually writes a commentary on His own work which greatly aids our understanding.
  2. It’s safe. You can’t go wrong praying God’s own words back to Him. Often, I’m not sure how to pray or what I should pray for. I just follow God’s lead and repeat what He told me.
  3. New material. Praying through passages of Scripture such as the Psalms or the New Testament letters gives me a multitude of ideas that I would not have thought of on my own. Why reinvent the wheel? Just borrow some words from David and Paul (and others). I’m sure they won’t mind.

3 benefits of praying Scripture

God’s Word is so rich and deep. You can dig your whole life and never find all the treasure He’s buried for you there.

What are your favorite Scriptures to pray?

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  • Also remember that the word is Spirit, Truth and Life. The Father ask that we worship Him and Spirit and in Truth, so we are required to pray, worshiping Him in the words of scripture. We build on the scripture as in the book of Jeremiah, the Lord says He listens for His word to act on them. We have the word for every
    situation. Regards.

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